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                  Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Questions and answers:
Day 1
1) How does Greg feel about writing a diary?
2) What are the reasons Greg agreed on writing his diary?
3) What is Greg's opinion on the seating in class?
4) Why sitting next to girls does not seem a very nice option to Greg?

1) Greg don't like to write a diary. The biggest reason why he does not like diary, is that he have to be always sure that nobody is looking while he's writing. But Greg likes it for a one reason: because when he is writing the diary, he does not have to do other chores on Saturdays.
2) The real reason why he's agreed with writing his diary, is that he thinks when he'll be famous and rich he’ll have better things to do, than answer people’s stupid questions all day long. He would give them his Diary to read.
3) Speaking of seating, Greg thinks, that everyone must to be careful of the place where they sit. It's not right, if you walk into the classroom and just punk down on any old desks. The teacher will say, that you have to sit there always.
4) Greg doesn’t like to sit near the bunch of girls. Girls don't let him to take a look at them class works, so Greg have to think himself. Also, he don't like girls because they laugh from boys.
Day 2
 Tell in your own words what happened to Greg on the first day of his summer vocation.
The first day on his summer vacation Greg was fooled by his brother Rodrick.
 At 3 a.m. his brother woke Greg up and said that it's time to go to school and he had slept all the summer. Greg dressed up and went downstairs to have some breakfast. While he was eating, his father saw him and started to yell on him, why he is eating Cheerios at 3 a.m. Greg explained what had happened, so they decided to look for Rodrick. The were pretty excited when they found him fall asleep, and since then Greg's father thinks, that Greg is an idiot and liar.

Day 3
Do you think it would be nice to have Greg in your class? Why? (Consider his behaviour with P.U.)
How does Greg feel about his younger brother?
1) I don't want to have him in my class. Greg looks like a bit dump and his jokes sometimes are not funny.
2) His little brother Manny likes to destroy everything, so Greg have to hide his diary from him. His little brother never gotten punished and it infuriates Greg. Greg thinks, that there is only one good thing about having little brother: Greg don’t have to sell Rodrick’s stupid bars of chocolate for school fundraisers.

But the worst thing about Manny, is that he calls Rodrick not how he should, but like „Bobby” 
Day 4
1. What's up with the Cheese Touch?
2. Why did Greg tape his fingers?
1) Darnell Washington touched that horrible slice of cheese and he started this whole thing called Cheese Touch. It’s like Cooties, if you get touched with someone who have Cheese Touch, you’ll have it until you’ll touch another person. But there is a way to protect yourself from Cheese Touch: you must remember to keep your finger crossed.
2) He tape his fingers. because he did not wanted to be a Cheese Touch.
  Day 5
1. Does Greg enjoy Saturdays?
2. Why wasn't his best friend mentioned till this day?
1) On Saturdays, Greg likes to sleep long, but unfortunately Dad wakes up at 6:00 a.m. no matter what day it is and he is not real considerate of the fact that he's trying to enjoy his Saturday. Another bad thing is at 1 a.m there is nothing to watch on TV so Greg have to go outside.

2.) There's a pretty good reason for that: when the first day in the school was going to end, Rowley asked Greg: „Want to come over to my house and play?“, when other kids asks: „Want to hang out?“ Also, this summer two kids saw Greg an Rowley playing vikings and Indians and they called them „Nerds"
Day 6
1. What worries Greg? Why?
1) Greg is worried about getting sent to Bishop Garrigan High School, where only boys can be. Greg wants to go to school where can go boys and girls too, also he thinks that he would’t survive at Bishop Garrigan.
  Day 7
1. Does Greg enjoy his mornings before school? Why?
2. How did Greg try to get into his preferred reading group?
1) No, he does not. Every morning he have to make some breakfast to Manny and after it he have to clean all Manny’s mess. Greg hates to do that.
2.) At the end of last year he did his best of muff up his screening test and he didn't try to hard on his end-of-the-year essay.
What are your feelings and impressions about this book?

There is a lot of funny pictures and it's interesting to read, so I like this book.

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The Devoted Friend
Oscar Wilde 
Oscar Wilde was born in 1854 on 16 October in Dublin. 
He wrote a lot of poetry,but most beautiful of all for me are  "The Happy Prince" and "Devoted friend" 
„Devoted friend" starts from old Water-rat, Linnet and Duck conversation. Linnet starts to tell a story about Little Hans and Miller friendship. 
Once upon a time, there were two friends: Hans and Miller. Hans was kind-hearted gardener, which lived in a tiny cottage all by himself, and every day he worked in his garden. His best friend was rich Miller, which had family and lived in a big house. 
At spring, summer and autumn Miller always came to visit Hans to have some goodies from his garden. However, he had never came to visit Hans at winter, Miller thought that he wants to be alone. 
As soon as the winter was over, and the flowers began to bloom, the Miller came to see little Hans. When Miller asked how Hans spent the winter, Hans answered, that this winter was so hard as never for him. He explained that he had to sell his coat buttons and a wheelbarrow to survive the winter. Miller was very surprised when he heard this, but said that he will give his wheelbarrow, if Hans will help him. 
First Miller asked Hans to fix the roof. Later he asked him to carry his sack of flour and take it to the market. But one day Miller came to Hans house and asked Hans to help Millers son and went to doctor instead of him. Little Hans agreed and set off on a journey... but he didn't came back... Next morning Hans was found. Everybody went to his funeral.
 Questions and answers:
What are the animals talking in the beginning of the story? 
First, Water rat and Duck were talking about the feelings of parents, family. Later they started to talk about friendship and devoted friends and Lynnet decided to tell a story about Devoted friend. 
What does the author (Oscar Wilde) wants to tell the reader (what is the moral of the story)? Why? 
You'll never feel the friendship, if you'll exploitative it. I think this is a moral of the story. 
What are the animals discussing in the end of the story? What are their emotions/reactions? 
They are discussing about Miller and the morel of the story. They felt a little plaintive.
What are your thoughts and feelings after the story? I think this story a really good, interesting and revealing. 

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Ice Age. Part : 1

http://www.getenglishlessons.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Ice_Age1.jpgI have chosen to describe this movie, because I have seen it a lot of times, I remember it very well and I do not get bored watching it over and over again. I like the story of this film (I'll tell about it later) and love this film because it does not lack a sense of humor; it always brings up the mood. I really suggest it for all to see. (But I believe, that everybody have seen this before)
This animated film was built at 2002. The main actors in this film are a mammoth Manfred, sloth Sid, Diego the tiger and squirrel Scrat. All these actors are comical, but they’re trying to be serious. „Ice Agetells the story of a friendship, a variety of challenges, animal migration.
 „Ice Age” starts from a simple and funny Sid’s collision with rhinoceros. Rhinos would like to hurt Sid, because he got into their salads. But that moment Sid saw a mammoth Manny. He saves Sid from rhinos and Sid starts to follow Manny. Both animals are traveling to the north, while the other goes to the south, because it would be too cold to stay. while they're travelling, they saw a humans camp, which was attacked by tigers. Accidental they find a baby and Sid is very happy. But suddenly they meet tiger Diego. He wants to kidnap a baby from them and eat him, but the mammoth and the sloth does not allow. They want  to return the child to people. After several unsuccessful Diego attempts  to kidnap a child, it becomes their friend.
 At the end, they return the baby to humans, everybody is happy.
That’s all folks. 
Questions and answers: 
1. What makes this movie great/fun/interesting/ or maybe boring? 
I like this film, it's not boring for first time. But after watching so many times, it becomes boring. 
2. What characters were good? Why?
All characters were good! Mostly I like Sid for his foolish and funny mistakes. 
3. Which parts of the movie you did not like? Why ? 
I like whole film. but some times it was too predictable. 
4. Would you change anything in the movie? What? If not, why wouldn't you change? 
I wouldn't chage anything. This film is good and funny. And I'll whach this fillm over and over again. :)

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Hello, my name is Evita, I like to watch films. I'm watching all kinds of films. Mostly of all I like to watch films with Jason Statham. :D Trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH5V3fEj2Q0

My favorite film is The Godfather. I like this film because it depicts 40's. I love this film scene and beautiful music track in this film also. Trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DO-nDW43Ik


My favorite serial is the Revenge.